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Natural Sunlight How important is it to you Parrot?

Experts have long believed in the benefits of natural sunlight for our feathered friends. In their natural habitat birds are exposed to natural sun light all day. They need the sun to set their internal clock and regulate metabolism. Without it they can suffer health and behavioral problems.

The ideal is to place your bird in a room where he has access to natural sun light. With shade provided also of course. If this is not possible artificial sun light can be an option. Full spectrum light from an artificial source can work.

Fresh air is also very important. With wings properly clipped take your bird outside with you. He will enjoy the outdoors and his time with you. Of course never leave your bird alone outside. He would have no protection against any dangers. Make sure your bird gets at least 10 hours of darkness and quiet for complete restful sleep. And at lest 4 hours out side of his cage every day for all hookbills.

Author: Kimberly Santor Copyright © July 2004

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