Lory Bird Facts | Types, Price, Care, Training & More

A lovely black-capped lory perched on a slender tree branch.

Lories are some of the most visually appealing parrots out there. They come in a variety of colors with personalities to match. Lories (and closely related lorikeets) are unique among parrots because their diet consists mainly of nectar from flowers.  Are lory birds good pets? Lories can be excellent pets for those with prior parrot … Read more

Severe Macaw Facts | Info, Price, Care, Training & More

Also known as the chestnut-fronted macaw, severe macaws are eye-catching parrots with a bold personality to match, despite their small stature. Their glorious green plumage provides excellent camouflage in the wild, but these birds aren’t afraid to make themselves known in captivity. Are severe macaws good pets? Severe macaws can be great pets due to … Read more

Caique Parrot Facts | Types, Price, Care, Training & More

The upper half of a white-bellied caique parrot on a black background.

This very unique-looking mid-sized parrot is often considered to be the clown of the parrot world. Caique parrots love to dance, cuddle, and play but might require a lot of time input on your part. Make sure to do your research before purchasing a caique. Are caique parrots good pets? Caiques are known for being … Read more

Nanday Conure Facts | Info, Price, Care, Training & More

A wild nanday conure perched on a branch with a blurred background.

Also known as the black-hooded parakeet or the nanday parakeet, the nanday conure is a unique looking parrot that is a popular pet bird in the United States and England. It is a medium-sized parrot, making it a nice option for someone who isn’t ready to commit to the size of a larger bird. The … Read more

Lovebird Facts | Types, Price, Care, Training & More

A colorful pair of lovebirds on a branch against a blue background.

The cheerful colors of lovebird parrots make experts and novices alike fall in love with them, and in their pairs, the adorable displays of affection and sweet serenading put many human relationships to shame. But what are these lovey-dovey birds like as day-to-day pets? Are lovebirds good pets? Lovebirds make wonderfully loyal pets for dedicated beginners … Read more

Parrotlets | Types, Price, Care, Training & More

A light blue Pacific parrotlet with a leg band perched on a person's hand.

If you’re shopping around for your next pet parrot, you may have considered purchasing a parrotlet, a small parrot species known for their fiery personalities.  While most people are familiar with the small parakeets and larger, brightly colored macaws, many are unfamiliar with the adorable parrotlets. They are, however, definitely worth exploring. Do parrotlets make … Read more

Lorikeet Facts | Types, Price, Care, Training & More

A brightly colored rainbow lorikeet sitting in a pretty flowering tree.

Out of all the birds that can be domesticated, parrots take center stage. They are fun birds who like to live with human companions and learn from us. Among the many types of parrots, the lorikeets are regarded as the clowns of the bird world.  Their association with clowns comes from the red beak, colorful … Read more

Military Macaw Facts | Types, Price, Care, Training & More

A military macaw perched on top of a wood board fence.

Military macaws are one of the oldest known macaw species. They got their name from European military men who would bring the birds home from their explorations in the New World. It is also fitting that their green body and red forehead look similar to a military uniform. They were an appealing pet back then, … Read more

Are Macaws Easy To Train? Simple Steps for Success

A blue and gold macaw riding a bike along a wire.

The macaw parrots are large, lively, and inquisitive birds, which can make them quite a handful for some. It undoubtedly takes a patient and dedicated handler to bring out the best in these creatures and give them some grace for their wild instincts. After all, understanding your macaw will foster the most positive relationship with … Read more

Spix Macaw | Gone Forever or Making a Comeback?

A blue Spix eating holding food with one foot.

The Spix macaw is a medium-sized blue parrot native to semi-forested regions of Brazil. Its population has been in decline since it was first officially discovered in the 1800s, and it has not been seen in the wild since 2000. Is the Spix macaw extinct? The Spix macaw is extinct in the wild due to … Read more