Cockatiels don’t usually grow more than a foot long and can live for over 30 years if well-cared for. They are undemanding pets, and because of their small size of up to 35 cm, they are easy to keep in a small home or even apartment.

Cockatiels are native to Australia, so they prefer a warm, dry environment. You should make sure they’re in a well-insulated room if you live somewhere cold. 

They are extremely friendly birds; you’ve likely seen a viral video of one dancing or talking online. They are one of the most popular pet birds in the world.

Cockatiels love to cuddle with their owners, but they probably won’t like being passed around unless they are used to seeing people. They come in various colors thanks to mutations within the species, so they’re all quite beautiful. 

Like most birds, they can be a little prone to biting, but like parrots, cockatiels are extremely smart and can be trained fairly easily. They’re good birds to have as family pets as they love to play and aren’t dangerous.

Cockatiels are known to be good whistlers and are pretty to listen to. Some of the males may even learn to talk.