Like Cockatiels, Cockatoos are tropical birds that can naturally be found in Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. However, they can grow up to two feet in length. Cockatoos have a lot of pros but also some very important cons to bear in mind if you are considering keeping one as a pet. 

Cockatoos are extremely loving. They bond to their owners and won’t want to leave you alone. This also makes them demanding pets who require a lot of care and commitment.

They do not take well to being left alone for long periods of time. If you ignore them, they will likely scream for your attention. They are extremely loud and can make more noise than smaller birds, like the parakeet.

When Cockatoos are distressed, they may start pulling out their feathers (which is serious behavior that warrants a trip to the vet) or start harming themselves.

They are larger birds, usually around 14-15inches, so if they become aggressive, they’ll be hard to deal with. If you don’t think you have the time to care for one, then you should not adopt a Cockatoo. 

Cockatoos are one of the smartest parrots you can adopt. This means they can be trained to do fun tricks and play, but it also means they are hard to keep. Cockatoos can escape pretty much any cage if you don’t take proper precautions like buying a padlock.