Parrots are diverse, beautiful, and intelligent birds. There are more than 300 species of parrot, and you can find them across the world, usually in tropical regions.

Because there are so many types, parrots can range in size from 3-40 inches and weigh 0.4oz-8 pounds for the heaviest species (the kakapo). 

Parrots are known to be pretty affectionate to humans, which is why many people want them as pets. Though this can vary by breed, it isn’t rare to see a parrot cuddling with its owner.

They can also learn tricks, so that you can play with your parrot, and many of the more popular species can learn to talk. 

Depending on the size and species of parrot you adopt, they can require a lot of attention. Some parrots even have the intelligence of a five-year-old human.

While this means they make fun and always interesting pets, they may throw a temper tantrum equivalent to an annoyed child with claws if you neglect them. It would be best to be fully prepared to care for a parrot; make sure it has entertainment like bird toys and all the attention it can (sometimes literally) ask for.